Skincare Series Part 1: Morning Routine

Hey everyone! Today’s post is the first of a 3-part series all about skincare, focusing on my morning routine first. Skincare is something I have gotten really into these last few years. One reason is that I am starting to see some of the effects that my years of growing up in the Florida sun have had on my skin! So I am trying now, while I’m fairly young still, to be proactive about skin protection so that I will hopefully avoid further damage and age as gracefully as possible!

The photo below shows the product I use (almost) every morning.FullSizeRender2

You should always wash your face in the morning, then apply your skincare products in order from lightest consistency to thickest. For example in my routine, I wash, treat with serum, use my eye cream and facial oil, then finish with moisturizer.

  1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash ($14 for 8.4oz) – I am pretty open when it comes to face washes actually. This was one I purchased a bit ago from Ulta and it has lasted me forever so I’ve stuck with it. In the past I have used ones from L’Oreal, Olay, etc. and find that you can easily find a quality face wash for any skincare need you may have at a drugstore price. Feel free to leave a comment in the bottom of the blog if you’d like a specific recommendation for your skin type!
  2. Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid Hydrating Gel ($48 for 2oz) – This is something I got at Sephora  while back when I was concerned about discoloration from sun damage (aka freckles/sun spots!) Glycolic acid is known to exfoliate the skin surface leading to natural cell turnover. It also contains antioxidants Vitamin A, C, & E which are good for anyone living in a big city that may not have the cleanest air supply!
  3. Origins GinZing Eye Cream ($30 for 0.5oz) – I love this eye cream! It is formulated with coffee beans and ginseng which result in a brightening, energizing effect on tired morning eyes! I think it really does wake up the under-eye area and help keep you fresh faced and alert in the morning fog we all wake up in! I try to put this on right after washing my face so that my face has plenty of time to wake up before I start doing my makeup.
  4. Tarte Maracuja Oil ($28 NOW for 1.69oz) – This is my favorite facial oil, I’m obsessed! And the awesome news is that right now this special edition jewel top bottle shown in my photo above is only $28 on sale from the regular $48 price! Get it on Tarte’s website and it ships free plus you get a free sample! And don’t you dare shy away from this just because you have oily skin! Your skin type actually needs facial oils in order to stop feeling like it needs to produce so much oil of its own. It sounds backwards, but I promise it is not! Oils and moisturizer are just important for oily skin as they are for dry skin!
  5. L’Oreal Ideal Moisture Day Lotion ($7 for 4oz) – I have been using this moisturizer for a while and it does the job great. As with face washes, I am not too picky about moisturizer brands so long as they have the one MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER- SPF! This one has SPF 25 so it was a done deal for me! You should always moisturize your skin with SPF even if you do not plan to be outside. This can save you from early signs of aging including wrinkles! It is even good to put on the tops of your hands too! I do think some prestige brand moisturizers can feel quite luxurious and amazing but this is the area I would save your money in. These days the drugstore brands can do just as good of a job at hydrating and protecting your skin!

Here is a list of some skincare brands that I just love:

  • L’Oreal, Garnier, Olay, Neutrogena – always reliable drugstore prices
  • Origins – awesome line of products with lots of variety depending on your skin concerns. The Origins website usually offers 15% off plus samples and occasional freebies
  • Mario Badescu – This brand is a bit pricier but can still be found at Ulta. Their products are amazing so I think a lot of them are worth the jump if you can buy them during a sale or with a promo code like the current 20% Ulta is running for platinum members thru July 2nd!
  • Skyn Iceland – This is one of my favorites! Their products are so refreshing and luxe feeling, along with working great. The prices are higher but you can get 15% off plus free shipping over $35 on their website here. *Update: Now thru July 4th, they are offering 20% off the entire site with code ‘JULY4SKYN’!
  • Murad – Another brand I love. I usually buy their products at Ulta and love the Vitamin C line, especially the cleanser.
  • Peter Thomas Roth – Great products, but pricey. Your best bet is to buy them at Sephora when they have the annual sale!


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