Skincare Series Part 3: Masks & Microdermabrasion

Happy Sunday, everyone! For part 3 of my Skincare Series, I wanted to highlight all of the “other” face products that I don’t necessarily use in my daily routine. This includes masks, microdermabrasion, and some acne treating tips! The photo below shows my favorite masks to use:


  1. Crude Detox Mask ($18 for 1oz) – I got the recommendation to use this from a famous hairstylist/beauty guru, Michelle Money, that many of you may recognize from Bachelor Nation. I believe her sister owns the Crude company. Anyways, it is a great green tea detox mask. It is a jar of powder which you scoop out and mix with water, then I use a brush like this one to paint it on my face. After 10 minutes or so you will feel it tingling and that is when you know to wash it off. Simple! This what I use whenever my skin is feeling like it needs a good deep clean!
  2. Yes to Grapefruit Paper Masks ($16 for 5 masks) – Paper masks are my absolute favorite! I seriously smile just thinking about them! Lol, obsessed much?! I’m not sure if it is because I am lazy and they are so easy to put on, or if I feel cool wearing a mask and trying to scare my boyfriend haha! Anyways, these masks are amazing and I try to use one once a week, or any time I want my face to feel bright and refreshed! After taking it off, don’t forget to rub in the remaining product!
  3. Que Bella Clarify Cucumber Peel Off Mask ($1.99 for 0.5oz) – I actually grabbed this from the clearance section at Target and was pretty pleased. Peel-off masks can feel refreshing, especially one with a cucumber scent like this.
  4. Mario Badescu Super Collagen Mask ($18 for 20z) – This one is my most “luxurious” mask. It is a rich cream that feels so nice on the skin. I also paint this on with a brush and wash off after about 20 minutes or so. The collagen in this mask should boost cell turnover and keep skin plump and youthful looking!

Now, let’s switch gears from masks to some other more specialized products…


  1. PMD Personal Microderm ($159) – The PMD system is something else I was put onto by Michelle Money. Actually come to think of it, so is item #2 in this photo also. What can I say, the woman is beautiful so anything she recommends I welcome with open arms! Anyways, this system is a personal microdermabrasion that you can do weekly at home. It seriously takes only a minute! The device you see here plugs into the wall and once you turn it on the tip has a suction-type effect. You run this over your face (and body, if needed!) once or twice and BAM, that’s it! This will slough off dead skin cells, promoting cell turnover which will help minimize things like sun spots, freckles, clogged pores, etc. It does take your skin some getting used to, and there are multiple sensitivity levels of discs that you can work your way through to find the perfect fit for your skin type. If you happen to have an specific questions, feel free to comment on this post and I will answer you!
  2. Tinkle Eyebrow Razors ($4.24 for 3) – I use these every few days to shave my face! Yes, this is something you should do! It helps get rid of dead skin cells and personally I don’t think women should have sideburns even if they are blonde! It is nice to do this with a facial oil like my favorite Tarte one. You put the oil on your face, then run one of these razors in short swipes across. Try it, you will seriously be amazed/disgusted at how much hair actually comes off! And that was all on your face!! If you have a steady hand, you can also use these to shape your brows and of course remove any upper lip hair.
  3. Skyn Iceand Blemish Dots ($20 for 48) – These are sent straight from the acne gods above who shouldn’t have even let you get a zit on the first place! Haha, but seriously these dogs are so genius. They contain saliclyic acid so you just stick one on your zit and voila, it is being shielded from any bacteria and dirt while also being treated! Put one of these on at night and remove it in the morning. Or, I honestly have even worn them out in public before and they are barely noticeable! So clutch!
  4. Tanda Zap Acne Treatment Device ($26) – This little guy is a life saver. It doesn’t work immediately, but I do believe that when I use this 3x a day, my zit goes away much faster than it would have normally! This device runs on battery and has a button you push that turns on the blue LED light for 2 minutes. Simply hold it against your zit until the time is up! The theory is that the light destroys the bacteria that is causing the acne. Many Youtubers have posted videos chronicaling severe acne and how it helps with that, so do a search if you are curious as I can only personally attest to using it on the occasional zit here and there.

Welp, this marks the end of the 3-part Skincare Series! Make sure you read Part 1 (morning routine) and Part 2 (nighttime routine) of the series if you haven’t already! Please leave me a comment letting me know what you thought of the series! If you like these type of posts I would be happy to keep doing more series’ in the future!

Have a great day and thanks for reading! xoxo

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