Tarte Favorites

Hey babes! Since the Tarte Friends & Family Sale is going on right now, I wanted to post for you my favorite Tarte products including reviews and swatches! Tarte is one of my favorite makeup brands 🙂 Be sure to click here to join their rewards program too! 😉 Here’s what you need to know about the sale:

  • Friends and Family Sales is 30% off *almost* all items with code: FNF
  • Some items are excluded and it will be noted if they are. Four out of the five products I’m going to show you are included – yay! 
  • Sale is going on now thru the end of Wednesday, July 27th
  • Shipping is free over $40 and you get a free sample with each order
  • Ebates currently offers an extra 5% off Tarte.com so read my “Basics Post” here to learn how to utilize this extra discount as well as a few other tricks you can use 😉

Tarte makes some of my favorite high-end foundations! The first one I love is the Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation (SPF 15!):


This foundation runs at $39 per 1oz jar, however you can now get it for a more reasonable $27 on sale! They have 12 different shades to choose from and I think the word descriptions and photo examples on their product page are pretty helpful in guessing your correct shade. I ordered the medium-tan sand (I usually tan my face pretty regularly) and it is a perfect fit! I love the packaging on this foundation. It has the beautiful Rainforest of the Sea collection typical indigo/blue metallic coloring and is in a glass jar with a dropper top! This makes it easy and sanitary to use over and over again! I drop a few drops right onto my fingertip, then apply to my face and blend in with a buffing brush like this super affordable elf one! I would say this is medium coverage, but very lightweight! It really does feel water-based and not at all makeup-y (is that a word?) Also I love that this foundation includes SPF already! Below you’ll see the swatches of this foundation on the top of my writst (left with flash, right without.) The foundation on bottom is the next one I will discuss!


So the foundation you see here swatched on the bottom is the Tarte Double-Duty Beauty Empowered Hybrid Gel Foundation. Yes, I love this foundation and yes, I think the name is entirely too lengthy! This one is much more mousse-like in texture and I would say a bit more full coverage. It does not contain SPF, but it does contain hyaluronic acid which is very unique among foundations! So essentially, the idea is that this foundation is like a skincare and makeup product rolled into one! Sounds good to me! This one costs the same as the other ($39 for 1oz) but there are only 10 shades offered and they are a bit different. I picked the medium neutral shad and I actually wish I went one shade darker.


The glass jar packaging is very luxe as well, however it is a bit harder to keep sanitary and scoop out. Here is my trick for you! These little mini spatulas are available at Sephora and Ulta for free in the little stations they have for trying on products. Next time you’re there grab a couple and bam, you have the perfect tool to scoop out your foundation with so that you aren’t dipping your fingers or brush into the jar and contaminating it with bacteria! I scoop mine out with this, then put the product right onto my face and buff in with a brush. Of course, then you need to wash the spatula with soap and water to disinfect!


Tarte also makes one of my favorite setting powders that I find very comparable to the Laura Mercier translucent finishing powder. The Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Setting Powder is $33 for 0.32oz, but you can now get it for $23 on sale! This packaging is great – the lid twists on and off and the inside has the little holes (like a salt shaker!) that allow just a little product to escape for use at a time. I love this so that if I knock it over it won’t all spill anywhere and go to complete waste! It is great for us clumsy gals! Dust this on top of your foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, etc. to set it so that it lasts all day. You can also re-apply to minimize shine throughout the day.


A non-makeup Tarte product I wanted to rave about is their self-tanning mitt! This item is unfortunately not included in the sale, but it is only $6 to start with and well worth the price! This is my favorite mitt for applying self-tanner. It is double-sided so you can use both sides at once or even use one side and then use the other side next application (so you only need to wash it every other application instead of after each and every one!) This feels so soft and is extremely comfortable and flexible for applying to all body parts 🙂


And last but not least is the Tarte Maracuja Oil I already told you guys how much I love in my Skincare Series posts. I use this morning and night (after serums, before or mixed into moisturizer) and it really keeps a nice healthy glow to my skin! This is $48 for 1.7oz, but now the sale brings it down to $34. They also have a travel size of you just want to try before going all the way in!


Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading everyone! Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or your own opinions of Tarte products…let me know if there are any others I need to try! I am dying to try the new Shape Tape concealer, but unfortunately it is not included in the sale so I think I am going to wait and buy it at Ulta with my Rewards Points 🙂 Have a great week everyone! xoxo


These are some more of my current Tarte faves:
Tarte Double Duty Beauty Lip SculptorTarte Double Duty Beauty Lip Sculptor – This is a great dual-ended product that has a nourishing lipstick on one side and a complimentary lip gloss color on the other! Perfect for throwing in your bag to kill two birds with one stone! The packaging is also beautiful.Tarte Shape Tape Concealer
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer – This is my new holy grail concealer and whenever I use any other concealer these days, it just seems to pale in comparison! The coverage is excellent and buildable and they just extended the shade range! I also love the large wand that really helps out when applying to the undereye area! Below are swatches of the two colors I own: (Light-Medium on the Left, Light-Medium Honey on the Right)
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Light Medium & Light Medium Honey Swatches

Tarte Pearly Girl Teeth Whitening Pen
Tarte Pearly Girl Teeth Whitening Pen – I have never been one to stay very committed to teeth whitening programs, so I love this convenient little pen! It is vegan and has no bad taste! You just brush the product onto your teeth, keep your mouth open for about a minute, then you can close and go about your day with no bad taste in your mouth. After 15 minutes you are free to eat and drink again too! You can use this a few times daily!Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush – This is a great pigmented blush that contains amazonian clay which will help it last for a long time on your skin without containing harmful ingredients. They have a great shade range too!
Tarte Brazilliance Face Maracuja Oil Self Tanning Towelettes
Tarte Brazilliance Maracuja Self Tanning Face Towelettes – I use these every couple days to maintain a nice tan color on my face without the damage of tanning beds or tanning in the sun! I actually cut each towelette in half, so they last me twice as long 😉 These have maracuja oil in them and are designed specifically for the face, so they are actually GOOD for your skin and will not cause any irritation. The color is very subtle, natural, and buildable so if you’ve always been afraid of self-tanning, these are a great product to try! I can’t live without them!

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