Deal Boxes: Hits & Misses

Happy *Bachelorette* Monday, ladies! Haha, do you guys all watch the show? If so leave me a comment with who you think will win tonight! Robby or Jordan!? Now onto my post! So, with the number of subscription boxes growing and growing, I wanted to give you guys my opinions on which I like and don’t like out of the options I’ve tried so far!

  • Sephora Play – I just subscribed to this one last month, but I think I am really going to enjoy it! For only $10/month (free shipping), you get 5 deluxe samples of Prestige Brands (all products carried at Sephora) and one small perfume sample all in a cute little bag. It also comes with an instructional booklet that details instructions and tips for each of the items included plus a card offering an extra 50 Sephora Rewards points when you make any purchase that month. Below is a photo of what came in the July Sephora Play box. These items are well worth over $10 and all great brands! I also adore the cute little popsicle pouch it all came inside of! I think this is becoming my new favorite subscription, and I can’t wait to see what comes in August!image
  • Target Beauty Boxes – Every month (usually on the first Monday of the month – like today!) Target puts out a Beauty Box which costs anywhere from $5-10 and ships free. These boxes contain a coupon for your next beauty purchase and around 8-10 various products chosen from their health/beauty sections. This is not a subscription, so each month you just purchase it on their website if you want! I have skipped the last few months (hence why I have no photo to share) but I have purchased the ones I thought were good fits for me in the past! The August Beauty Box is now live (these usually sell out the same day they launch) and costs $7. For that, you get: one razor, a Juice Organics mini shampoo and conditioner, NYC Lipstick, Olay Makeup Wipes, Secret deodorant, Crest Whitestrip(s?), Covergirl Mascara, and Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (probably my favorite item in this box). 

Below you will see photos of a special Box that Target had for sale last month, sponsored by Kleenex and Cottonelle. I have never seen a box like this in the past, but I will let you guys know on my Snapchat if they launch more in the future! This one cost only $5 and included all of what you see below including coupons, a roll of toilet paper, a bath poof, Kleenex makeup wipe, Cottonelle wipes, Kleenex travel tissue pack, SkinFix hand cream and lip repair balm. I think this one was definitely worth the $5!






  • Ipsy – I saved this one for last because I have been going back and forth about how I feel about Ipsy for a while now. For $10 (free shipping) a month, Ipsy always sends you a cute little pouch filled with 5 small items from a wide range of different brands. Often times, they are brands I’ve never heard of before but every so often you will get something familiar like the Makeup Forever mascara shown here in the July bag. Ipsy makes new members fill out a quiz and then sends items to you based on your answers. However, I find it a bit inaccurate since they sometimes send me things I know for a fact I have asked not to receive (such as more mascara and nail polish – both of which I received in this July bag!) I also review every Glam Bag after I receive it on Ipsy’s website in hopes that this feedback will also affect the quality of my future Glam Bags, but in my experience it hasn’t really been effective. In summary, I think I will actually be quitting Ipsy soon because I feel that my $10 is better spent on the Sephora Play box I talked about above. Here is what I got in my July Ipsy bag: Makeup Forever mascara mini, Trust Fund Beauty nail polish, Mellow eyeshadow, Eva Nyc hair serum, JCat brow pencil. What are your thoughts on Ipsy?! Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear your feedback!


Hope you all have a great week! I have a special post coming up mid-week that I am very excited about! Can’t wait to share with you all! Make sure you follow me on Instagram to keep updated every time I post! xoxo

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