ShopMissA $1 Makeup Review

Happy Weekend everyone! I know a lot of people have been waiting for this post ever since I told you about the $1 makeup I ordered on my Snapchat Story (follow me here!) I first heard about this website from a YouTube video recommending their brush cleaning egg for $1. This of course peaked my interest and I headed to their website,, only to find that EVERYTHING on the website is ONLY $1! This includes makeup, accessories, and more. So, I decided to order a bunch to try out and review for you guys. A couple notes for you: Flat rate shipping is only $3.95. Also note that because of the low pricing, many items are often listed as ‘Sold Out’ but keep checking back because they will come back eventually 🙂 Find out which items I recommend and which you should steer clear of. Here is everything I bought:


  • Slanted Tweezers – These are actually a great pair of tweezers, definitely buy if you need some!
  • Stainless Steel Eyebrow Scissors – These broke on my second time using them (I was trying to cut a hanger string off my dress, so maybe they are only good for thin things like cutting brow hairs!)
  • Facial Sheet Masks – I got Cucumber (popped it in the fridge for a bit before I used it and that felt divine!) and Aloe Vera varieties and both were very good. I lovvvvee sheet masks and these were a comparable option to many of the ones I use regularly. However, I do  know that TJ Maxx also carries tons of different sheet masks for about $1 each so if you’d rather buy them in-person there, that is another option for you.
  • elf Essential Eye Shadow Brush – This is great for patting eyeshadow onto the lid. They also carry the tons of other elf brushes, which are also available for $1 at Target and drugstores also, so it’s not a deal exclusive to ShopMissA.


  • AOA F1 Flat Top Kabuki Brush and F2 Flat Angled Kabuki Brush– These brushes look and feel very nice from first impression…I am not totally sold on the feel of them on my face though, but I can’t really figure out why. I have used the F1 brush for foundation many times and the F2 brush for contouring. They definitely do the job, but I think I still prefer my other brushes. Because some of them are also fairly inexpensive (a couple elf ones that are $4 and $6 each, discussed in my Brushes Post here) I would probably still repurchase my other brushes instead of these AOA ones. However, I do think they are worth the $1 for you to try for yourself for sure! They also have many other brushes by this brand for all types of makeup. Check out the variety here.
  • Rhinestone Heart Belly Ring – This is cute and definitely worth the $1! Of course, I recommend you sanitize it before use!


  • Fruit Lip Scrub – I got the Peach flavor of this scrub, and it is great! Feels just like any other lip scrub you may be used to, does the job and worth the $1.
  • LA Colors Lipliner Pencil – I got the ‘Nutmeg’ shade, which is a great lipliner that is worth the low price for sure! In my opinion, it works just as well as the NYX ones that I love!
  • Perfectwear Eyeshadow Stick – I got the ‘Golden Bronze’ shade and it is so gorgeous! It is highly pigmented and works well on the lid. I would say it is not the most long-lasting shadow I’ve ever owned, but if you use some Shadow Primer beforehand, it an last you a few hours for a night out! Below you can see swatches including from left to right: this shadow stick, lipliner discussed above, matte liquid lip discussed below


  • Madly Matte Liquid Lipsticks – I got the ‘Plums’ shade and the color is great! However, I do not recommend you to buy this. The formula just doesn’t work for me at all! It is very tacky and sticky feeling, uncomfortable on the lips, and bleeds off shortly after application. I took the photo below for you to see the color, but I think it is worth spending a few extra dollars to instead grab a great Matte Lip from NYX or Colourpop.


  • Oil Free Silky Foundation – I got this in the color 11 and it matches my skin fairly well. In the photo above I am wearing this foundation, and in the photo below you can see it swatched on my forearm. The formula for this has a decent consistency and the coverage is pretty decent, especially for the price tag. However, my concerns with this foundation are the at it a) has a very artificial smell and b) is probably formulated with very cheap ingredients if it can be sold for such a low price. Thus, I am sort of afraid to use this on my skin for fear that it may cause me to break out or just not be very great to have sitting on my face all day in general. If you rarely use foundation and are looking for a cheap one to try, this may be of interest to you, but I can’t say I’ll probably ever reach for this one again!



  • Silky Touch Eyeshadow Palette – First of all, let’s just marvel at the face that I received a palette of SIX EYESHADOWS for only $1 total. Where they do that at!? I was pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation of these shadows! (see swatch photos below) I wore a look with a few of these shadows to a concert the other day and it lasted well on my lids (of course with shadow primer underneath!) I definitely recommend checking these palettes out! Mine is ‘Palette 1 – Color 1’.



  • Canvas Pouch – These are one of my favorite finds from ShopMissA! I love little pouches for storing goodies in my purse, gym bag, etc. and these have the most adorable phrases on them and I honestly had a hard time deciding which to choose. As you can see in the photo below, I wound up buying the “Blending is My Cardio” bag! Check out all of the options here!


  • Brush Cleaning Egg – Last but not least, and the whole reason I came across this site in the first place, are the adorable and super affordable brush cleaning eggs! They are available in a wide range of colors and can be used to do weekly deep-cleaning of your makeup brushes. Below is a photo showing this process, but check out my Makeup Brushes post here for details on how to properly clean your brushes!


My good friend Megan, a Miami food blogger (check out her Instagram here for delicious food inspo!), also recently placed an order with ShopMissA and reviewed some more items for you guys! Check out the photo below of what she purchased and read her thoughts:


  • Wonder Blender– For $1 this blender will definitely work! I prefer brushes to sponges, so this is a good inexpensive option for someone like me who doesn’t want to spend a lot of cash on a blender sponge that goes unused most of the time.
  • Macadamia Lip Oil– This is probably my favorite product that I bought from ShopMissA. It goes on like thicker gloss, but doesn’t get super goopy. It feels great on my lips, and I will definitely be replacing my gloss with this for a while.
  • Fruit Glow Roll On Gloss– This stuff takes me back to middle school! It’s a roll on gloss that smells like candy and strawberries. It gives a high sheen gloss and a nostalgic feeling
  • Madly Matte Liquid Lipsticks – This was a major miss for me. Maybe I’m spoiled now with the Colourpop mattes, but this felt super cheap from applicator to consistency. It’s definitely matte and an okay color, but it’s worth a few extra dollars for better quality. (Note that her review matches mine almost identically, so I think it is safe to say we have spoken on this lip pretty officially!)
  • Magic Perfecting Primer– This is a miss for me, and I don’t even know if I’ll ever use it after testing it out. It’s a big bottle so if you go through a lot of primer, this may be a good buy for day to day to save your more expensive primers. Other than the size, I was underwhelmed. It feels and looks like a cheap, watery moisturizer. It felt slightly sticky on my skin and it didn’t do much for my pores
  • Concealer Stick– I have rosacea, freckles, and occasional dark circles under my eyes so I was excited to try these. They definitely feel cheap compared to some others that I’ve tried, but they’re not bad! For $1 each, I think these are a good buy and may be good to keep in a makeup bag for touch ups or travel.

Hope this post was helpful and you guys found the reviews informative! Leave me a comment if you have purchased any other items from ShopMissA that I should try!

P.S. If you’re wondering about the shipping, it take about a week and even though makeup can be delicate, they package it super well! Here is a photo of how mine came packed:

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