6 Must-Have Hair Products & Tools


Hey babes! I wanted to throw in a hair post, as I don’t use that many hair products but do have some tried and true favorites! I feel that using too many products can gunk-up my hair (and quite frankly, I don’t get “done up” enough to really need much work on my hair – I usually just air-dry, add some serum, and go!) These are the top 6 products and tools that I use in my daily life! I’ve linked them below and noted how you can get some great deals!


1. Leave-In Conditioner: I use this in my damp hair after every time I wash it. Since I have long hair that can get sun or heat damage, I think this extra step helps keep it healthy. My favorite is the Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner – $7.99 for 8.5oz (on sale!)
. This brand is often on sale at Ulta, and they also sell a travel size bottle for only $5.


2.  Heat Protector: This is super important if you are someone who uses a blow dryer, straightener, and/or curling iron. I spray this on my hair either damp or dry before I plan on using hot tools to protect my strands from the high temperature of my straightener and wand! This is crucial!! I’ve used lots of different brands of this product and they all are pretty comparable in my opinion. I currently use and am happy with the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray • $5.99 & Chi Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray • $16 for 8.5oz


3.  Dry Shampoo: This is the key to life!! I swear by dry shampoo and use this on the regular! This is especially essential if you are someone like me who works out pretty frequently and is not trying to wash their hair after every single workout! I spray this in my hair to sop up oil and extend the length between washes! (I typically try to only wash my hair every 2 or 3 days – sometimes I can even go 4 or 5 if I’m in a less tropical climate than my home here in Miami!) My very favorite dry shampoo is the Dove Dry Shampoo • $5.29.


4.  Shine Serum: I run this thru my hair anytime I want some shine and softness (so basically every day!) If I use hot tools, I apply this after I am done styling! Some of my favorites are the Pantene Smooth and Sleek Frizz Serum ($6.50 for 3.4oz) and Eva Nyc Get Glossed! Hair Serum • $11.99 for 1.7oz. Both of these smell absolutely divine!


5.  Nume Wand: This is what I use to curl/wave my hair and I can tell you that all of my friends who have used mine have absolutely loved it and asked where they can buy their own! The Nume website has lots of different wand sizes and shapes, but the one I like best is the Nume Magic Wand 25mm.


6.  Remington Straightener: This straightener has been my bestie for about 3 years now and shows no signs of dying – and it only cost me $20! Score! The Remington Wet 2 Straight 2-Inch Hair Straightener • $20 is great for people like me with long, not-so-thin hair because it is 2 inches wide and can straighten a larger chunk of hair at once than a thinner iron. This means I can straighten my whole head of long hair in about 5 minutes! This straightener is also marketed as being able to straighten hair that is wet, but I prefer to still wait until my hair is dry in order to avoid that smoke-coming-out-of-the-straightener experience! However, it does seem to do a better job at straightening slightly damp hair than any other regular straightener would!

Hope this helps you babes! Have a great weekend! Xo, Nicole

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