Fall Empties

Hey babes! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “empties,” these are products that I have officially used up and are thus now empty! Usually, it is a good time to give a full review of a product once you have used the entire bottle/jar/etc and can really speak on your experience. Thus, I will now review for you the empties pictured below:


Click any product below to be linked to purchase it! Also click here for my $ saving tricks!

Jergens Natural Glow Sunless Tanning Mousse in ‘Deep Bronze’ • $12.99 – This is my absolute favorite sunless tanner, for a few reasons! First of all, it is very affordable. Let me tell you, this is probably the tenth bottle of this that I’ve gone through (I told you I love this stuff!) I would say a bottle lasts me about a month, applying every few days to my entire body. That is very affordable compared to other prestige brand tanning lotions and definitely compared to salon tanning services (although I do love me a good spray tan!) Secondly, this gives a very natural, buildable tan that I often get compliments on. It is easy to apply (here is the mitt I love to use) and you only need to wait a few minutes before you put clothing on. If you are looking for a sunless tanner, this is one you MUST try! They also offer a ‘Light Bronze’ option that would be good for more pale skin types. I will obviously be repurchasing this (I actually already opened my next full bottle last night!)

Laura Mercier Radiance Bronze Foundation Primer • $36 (for full size) – I had this travel size sample forever and finally used it up since I really only used it for travel. This primer has a bronze tint so it is awesome for when I want a little boost in color to my face! The texture is pretty average – soft, but not as silky of a formula as the Smashbox primer. They also have a regular (non-bronze) and a illuminating formula. Head to Sephora and try these out (you can ask them for a few-days worth sample!) They are great if you want a primer product that also adds some bronzing or illuminating onto your skin! I will probably not repurchase this anytime soon just because I have a lot of other primers I need to use up! But, I would definitely give it a solid look for the next time I am finally in the market for a new primer!

L’Oréal Ideal Moisture Day Lotion • $5.59 – I had been using this moisturizer for a while and it does a great job. I am not too picky about moisturizer brands as long as they have the MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER- SPF! This one has SPF 25 so it was a done deal for me! You should always moisturize your skin with SPF even if you do not plan to be outside. This can save you from early signs of aging including wrinkles! It is even good to put on the tops of your hands too! I do think some prestige brand moisturizers can feel quite luxurious and amazing but this is the area I would save your money in. These days the drugstore brands like this one can do just as good of a job at hydrating and protecting your skin! I will probably not repurchase this just because I always like exploring and trying new moisturizers out. Right now I’m using the Garnier brightening moisturizer to see if it will help my dark spots at all.

The Balm Sexy Mama Anti-Shine Translucent Powder • $20 – If you are unfamiliar with this brand, TheBalm, they actually make some great makeup! They make a cult classic highlighter, some great bronzers, and lipsticks (but more on that in another post!😉This powder has done a great job for me (hence why it is an ’empty’ now!) and I would definitely repurchase. It is a great setting powder to keep my makeup in place and nix shine. Also I got it for a very affordable price because TheBalm does a flash sale of 50% off their entire site a few times a year. I’ll let you know when that happens again! Last time, I posted it on my Instagram.

Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Oil • $15.99 – I was given a sample of this in one of the Target Beauty Boxes and fell in love! It is great for taking off eye makeup and the best part is that it doesn’t sting at all! You just rub this over your makeup, then remove with a cotton pad or tissue. You can rinse with water at the end if you’d like. I am going to repurchase this once Burt’s Bees goes on sale at Target again!

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30 • $65 (for full size) – I got this sample size bottle and was pretty unimpressed. I do love some of Murad’s products, but this one seems pretty gimmicky to me. First of all, it is supposed to contain SPF 30 so you wold apply this in place of a moisturizer basically. That I can appreciate, however I can buy a lot of other SPF products for just a fraction of this one’s cost! Next, this product is called “Invisiblur” because it is supposed to sort of blur your imperfections as a primer might (it actually has a similar consistency to Smashbox primers if you ask me.) While that is a great idea, it did not do this at all for me. The product is clear in color, so I am not sure how that could ever blur my dark spots. Perhaps the only thing it could successfully blur a bit would be fine lines and pores? Not too sure, but I would say don’t waste your money. Definitely would never repurchase this one!

CoverGirl Outlast All Day Primer • $11.99 – This is a primer I’d recommend if you are new to using primer but don’t mind shelling out around $10 to try one (you can often find Covergirl on sale at Ulta or various drugstores). I received this in a past Target Beauty Box and I think this is a great drugstore primer! The texture is similar to that of a lotion, and it smooths the skin fairly well so that you can apply makeup to a smooth, primed surface. This was the primer I used daily until it recently ran out! I would repurchase this again once I run out of some of my other primers. It is the least expensive of my collection, so I like it for everyday use when I don’t want to waste the more expensive primers if I am only going to work or somewhere where I won’t be doing “important glam.”

It Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner • $22 – This is my all-time favorite eyeliner ever, ever, ever! In fact, this is probably the third one I’ve “emptied” since I discovered it a couple years ago. I swear by this eyeliner and am always stumped as to why it is not talked about more often! This lasts all day on my waterline and never smudges down below my eyes. When it wears off eventually it’s almost like it just disappears into thin air, I swear! I already repurchased 3 more of these during the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Sale!

ColourPop Brow Pencil in ‘Bangin Brunette’ ($5) – This is my new favorite brow pencil – I definitely recommend checking it out if you are looking for a new one! Usually, I prefer actual pencils to the twist-up self-sharpening kind because the pencils usually give a more precise line for drawing on brow hairs. However, I don’t like having to keep a sharpener with me, so I’ve been looking for a self-sharpening brow product that would still draw a fine line and THIS IS IT, ladies! Doing my brows with this pencil seriously took less than a minute and it will last all day! It took me about 2 months to use up this pencil, so I have already ordered 3 more backups! If you haven’t already tried some ColourPop products, you MUST! Click here to read my review of the first order I made with them.

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