Makeup Series: Highlighters!

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Happy Weekend, babes! In case you missed the first six posts in my Makeup Series, click here to read them! For each post, I focus on a different makeup category and review some products in that category that I’ve tried (both drugstore and high-end.) So far, I have reviewed Primers, Foundations, Concealers, Setting Powders, Bronzers, & Blushes. This time, I’m reviewing Highlighters! This is a fairly new makeup category that just gained popularity in the past few years. You apply it to the “high points” of your face (where the sun naturally hits to make you glow) such as your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow, and under your brow bones (click here to see my favorite highlighter brushes) Below, you can click the name of any of the highlighters I’ve reviewed to see more details and shop the items.

Highlighters: Becca, The Balm, NYX, Trestique, City Color, Benefit, Temptu

Here are the drugstore highlighters:

NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator • $7.50 in ‘Sunbeam’ – I decided to try this liquid lighlighter when NYX was having a sale, but I honestly don’t reach for it much at all. I’ve found overall that I much prefer powder formulas to liquids (same goes for bronzers and blushes!) This has a pearly pink finish which I think would actually look much better on someone with fair skin as opposed to my fairly warm/tan skin. Check out the swatch below, you can see it is clearly the lightest in my collection of highlighters.

City Color Highlight Trio ‘Collection #1’ – ($5.99) – This is a product I received in an ipsy bag and I would say it is one of my top 3 highlight products! In the photos below you can see the 3 colors included in this trio are the very right three swatched on my arm. I reach for the golden one the most, the middle one is more pearly, and the right one has a pink tint but I can really get away with wearing any of the three or mixing them together. Honestly, if you are a highlighter virgin and are looking to try it out, this is the PERFECT product for you. You get to try out three shades for a grand total of only $6!

Highlighter Swatches: Becca, The Balm, NYX, Trestique, City Color, Benefit, Temptu

Above (with flash) / Below (no flash) left to right: Temptu Champagne Shimmer, Benefit Shy Beam, Becca Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector in ‘Opal’, Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in ‘Opal’, NYX Liquid Illuminator in ‘Sunbeam’, Trestique Highlight Stick, The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer, City Color Highlight Trio Collection #1 (right three swatches)

Highlighter Swatches: Becca, The Balm, NYX, Trestique, City Color, Benefit, Temptu

Now for the more high-end highlighters:

The Balm Mary Lou Luminizer • $24 – This is a cult favorite highlighter among the beauty industry and I am right there with everyone! Until I received the City Color Trio, this has been my ride or die highlighter ever since I randomly picked it up together with their bronzer a few years ago for – get this – $10 total at a TJ Maxx! Wow, were those the days! Haha! TheBalm’s website often has 50% off flash sales though, so you can in fact get this for only $12 if you wait until a sale. But honestly it is well worth $24 too! Definitely try this if you never have, I promise it will not disappoint!

Benefit Cosmetics Shy Beam Matte Highlighter • $26  – This was given to me as a sample by Ulta and I just can’t get down with it. For one, it is a matte highlighter which is pretty counter-intuitive to me. I guess the only real use for this would be to contour/strobe but I like my highlighters to be shimmery personally! Also, I run into the same issue I have with the NYX liquid illuminator shade in that this one is just too light for my skin tone. It is basically more like a concealer for me.

Temptu Champagne Shimmer Highlighter • $27.50 – This is another gift from the lovely ipsy, and it is probably my favorite item I have EVER received from them! This is the swatch you see on the far left and it almost looks like a bronzer, but can be used to highlight if you have darker or tan skin tone like me. I just drop this formula right on my fingertips then blend into the cheekbones.

Trestique Highlight Stick • $34 – I received this in an ipsy bag as well and it is a great option! It is a lighter golden highlight, and I like the stick format because you can glide it right on your skin with the stick and just blend it in a bit with your fingers or a brush. However, I am not sure that is the most hygienic of methods so if you have skin troubles I think a more sanitary packaging format would be best!

Becca Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector in’Opal’ • $38 – With one of my recent Ulta orders, I received a free Becca gift set which included both the pressed and liquid formulas of their Shimmering Skin Perfector in the color Opal. The pressed version I like better than the liquid (by now, I’m sure you could’ve guessed that!) and they do swatch really pretty. I would definitely recommend this highlighter, however with actual wear and blending into the rest of my makeup, I think I still prefer the Balm Mary Lou which is cheaper as well 🙂

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in’Opal’ • $41 – This is the liquid version of the above highlighter and it swatches soooo beautifully. I would recommend it if you are confident in applying and blending liquid highlighters, but I personally feel more confident working with powder highlighters.

Hope you all enjoyed this post! Leave me a comment if there is another highlighter you love that I need to try! xoxo, Nicole

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