NuFace Prep-N-Glow Cloths

NuFace Prep n Glow Cloths Makeup Wipes

Hello friends, Happy Weekend! 😉 I wanted to share with you a new beauty product I’ve discovered that you must try out! Introducing the NuFace Prep-N-Glow Cloths – $20 for 20. At the price of only $1/cloth (actually you can get them even cheaper by using one of the promo codes Dermstore often has live once you click the link above), these are a bargain too!

NuFace Prep n Glow Cloths Makeup Wipes

The reason these face wipes are so innovative is that each side has a different texture and purpose. The smooth side you use first to remove your makeup and clean your face. Then, you flip it over to the other side which has polishing micro-dots to exfoliate the face:

NuFace Prep n Glow Cloths Makeup Wipes

The cloths are infused with anti-aging ingredients including hyaluronic acid and are also oil, alcohol, paraben, & sulfate-free! (Here’s the ingredient list:)

NuFace Prep n Glow Cloths Makeup Wipes

Check out the photos below to see how I use mine!

Before (with makeup) / After (no makeup):


Here is what the makeup wipe side of my used cloth looked like! I know some of us love seeing a good used makeup wipe! It feels so victorious, haha!

NuFace Prep n Glow Cloths Makeup Wipes

For more info on NuFace products, click here! Leave me a comment below if you love makeup wipes or let me know how you prefer to take off your makeup!

xoxo, Nicole

*I was given these wipes to try out complimentary from NuFace, however my thoughts and opinions are all my own. I wrote this blog post not out of requirement, but out of my own desire to share with you a new product I have loved from first use!

65 thoughts on “NuFace Prep-N-Glow Cloths

  1. These are pretty nifty! I use Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, if they could just make those in a cloth version, my facial routine would be complete!


  2. I have a love/hate relationship with makeup wipes. I find them very convenient, and i use them all throughout my work day as a makeup artist. However, being obsessed with skin care there’s a part of me that hates anything that tugs or pulls on my skin. I use makeup melters. Currently using the Peter Thomas Roth 24k gold cleansing butter. I may try these however, for an on the go.


  3. I love makeup wipes! I keep the neutrogena ones in my nightstand just in case I’m too lazy to get up and wash my face on a particular night 😡 I love Dr. Jart dermaclear microwater, too.


  4. So I’m really excited about this post. I personally hate face wipes- I prefer to wash my face. But after a long day/night something you need a wipe! Can’t wait to try these!


  5. Omg. I am going to try these out. They seem amazing!!! Thanks for your review. And why are you so gorgeous with or without makeup!! I love it!!


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