Ulta Tips & Tricks to Saving Money + Getting Free Products!

Hey babes! Hope everyone had a Happy Holidays and is excited to ring in the New Year! If you haven’t already read it, I put together a great post of 20 super affordable NYE dresses you can read here. Now, I’ve been wanting to put together today’s post for a long time now because I think this will be one of the most helpful posts I’ve done so far and one that you can bookmark and refer back to anytime you need to make a beauty/skincare/hair purchase! Below I’m sharing with you some tips & tricks I use to both save money and score free products whenever I purchase from Ulta. Enjoy!

First, and foremost, you should click here to read my general savings tips which will go into detail about a few of the items I’m mentioning below. 

Secondly, unless you are in urgent need of an item, I would suggest ALWAYS ordering online (allow 1 week for delivery) in order to maximize savings & freebies!

Mid Day Beauty Breaks:

You should ALWAYS order from Ulta.com on Wednesdays during the day! Why you ask? Well…let me introduce you to a little something called the “Beauty Break.” Pretty much every Wednesday between 10am-2pm (or sometimes 4pm) *CENTRAL TIME* Ulta will have a freebie goodie bag that you get with any order of $50 or more, which is the amount you need to spend for free shipping anyways. *Note: sometimes the amount is more or less to get this freebie bag. Also, sometimes Ulta drops their free shipping requirement to only $35.

Below are a couple of recent Beauty Break offers, which come to me Wednesday mornings around 10am EST in my email inbox. I also always post these on Snapchat so add me!

Ulta Clinique Beauty BreakUlta Urban Decay Beauty Break

As you can see, these offer some great goodies absolutely free in addition to what you’re already buying. Score!

Promo Codes:

Ulta will ALWAYS have a promo code active. It will either be $3.50 off a purchase of $15 or more, or occasionally they will have better promos running such as the recent 20% of promo codes they issued via mail and email in December. The promo codes can also be found on the Ulta.com homepage here right below their main rotating banner like below:

Ulta Promo Code

Hot Buys:

These are special sales that Ulta offers from time to time on certain items. You will get an email with info on these too if you are signed up for Ulta’s emails, but you can also find them below their rotating homepage banner as well as seen here:

Ulta Hot Buys

Ulta Rewards:

Every $ you spend at Ulta gives you a certain amount of points (depending if you’re a regular or Platinum member) which can then be used for $ off future Ulta purchases. I like to let these accumulate (as you get more, they’re worth more) and then use them when I get to the $8 off level (or higher!) Click here to join Ulta Rewards. Ulta also offers a Credit Card now that has its own perks. I do not personally have one, but you can read details here.


Occasionally, Ulta will have a freebie item they offer with any purchase. You can see some examples below which have been emailed to me in the past. You just add these to your cart and the price changes to $0 at checkout. If you’re ever wondering if they have any current freebies just leave me a comment on this post and I will let you know! 😉

Ulta Becca Free Sample

Ulta Dior Free Sample

Ulta Laura Geller Free Sample


If you’re not already an Ebates member, sign up here now to get a $10 gift card when you join and cash back on all of your shopping both online & in-store! Ulta consistently offers 3% cash back when you click from Ebates & sometimes it is a “Daily Double” where you get 6% back! I use this every time I shop for anything online (so far I’ve saved over $570!) Ebates also lists all of the promo codes a website is currently offering as well. Click here to join!


This is another website you can check before making your purchase. They offer gift cards to retailers for a discount, so if you are trying to make say a $50 purchase on Ulta, you may be able to find an Ulta gift card here for say $45 and save another $5. Click here to sign up for Raise now and get an automatic $5 credit to use too!

Hope this post was helpful!

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