Makeup Geek Lip + Eye Makeup Review

Makeup Geek Haul Products Review

Hey loves! Today I am reviewing some products from a brand you may or may not already know about. Makeup Geek is a makeup brand started by a Youtube blogger named Marlena who has been doing makeup videos since 2008! I started watching her tutorials & reviews about a year ago and have loved the products of hers I’ve tried out so far. This is a very high quality brand that offers an affordable price point! You can only buy their products on, but shipping starts at just $1.99 so it is very reasonable! Because they do not sell thru retailers like Sephora, they avoid middle-man costs and this is how they can keep prices low (along with the fact that they rarely have sales.) Makeup Geek products are made in the US and only contain the best ingredients. Here are my reviews:

Plush Matte Lip Creams (click here to shop):

Makeup Geek Plush Matte Lips

Marlena claimed on Snapchat that these formulas are creamy and comfortable and won’t dry out lips (*v important for me!) I had to try it out and my girl did not lie! These are the most comfortable matte lips I have ever worn and I would totally recommend them to anyone. There are 18 different shades selling for $12 each. I’m a nude kinda girl (that doesn’t sound right…) so I bought the shade “Beach Bunny” (shop here!) for myself and the shade “Cougar” (shop here!) for my friend Tiff. Below you can see us wearing these shades along with some swatches:

Makeup Geek Plush Matte Lips Cougar & Beach Bunny Swatch

Makeup Geek Swatches Plush Matte Lip Cougar & Beach Bunny

Eyeshadows + Liner (click here to shop):

Eye liner pencils – I heard these were very creamy and great for lower lash line (the ultimate test of a good liner!) so I wanted to try these out since they are so affordable (only $9!) They were sold out of black, so I bought a dark brown shade “Espresso” (shop here!) A swatch is seen at the top of the photo below. So far I am loving this formula and its wearability.

Pressed Eyeshadow – Pillow Talk $6 – This is a n amazing formula shadow, so creamy & smooth! This one is a lilac with a silver shift that is great on the base of the lid and inner corner!

Foiled Eyeshadow – Whimsical $10 – This is another great basic for the lid and has more of a pinky silver cast with a foiled finish. You could probably use it to highlight too if you have fair skin.

 Duochrome Eyeshadow – Blacklight, Mai Tai, Typhoon all $6 – Duochrome shadows are life! They have different shades that reflect the light depending what angle it hits! You can see that Blacklight reflects purple, silver, and blue. Mai Tai reflects purple and apricot. Typhoon reflects green, teal, & gold (this shade will soon be discontinued so don’t wait to purchase!)

Makeup Geek Swatches Espresso, Pillow Talk, Whimsical, Blacklight, Mai Tai, Typhoon

Makeup Brushes (click here to shop):

Makeup Geek Cheek Highlighter Brush

Cheek Highlighter Brush ($10) – I always see Marlena use this to highlight in her makeup tutorials and it looks so nice for a natural highlighting effect. It is a bit more compact than the highlighter brush I currently use, so I decided to try this one out and am loving it!

Hope you babes enjoyed this review of Makeup Geek! Let me know if you have any favorite products from their site that I need to check out – leave me a comment! xoxo, Nicole

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