5 Makeup Tricks

Hey loves! I wanted to share with you five makeup tips that I think everyone can use to help make their makeup application easier and/or better! So without further ado…

  1. Make sure you also blend your foundation around your ears and neck! If you skip this, it will be more obvious that you’re wearing makeup especially if the color of your foundation isn’t a perfect match to your skin tone! By blending your foundation down your neck and on your ears also, you ensure that it naturally blends in with the rest of your upper body and doesn’t look like an obvious “makeup face.”

Makeup Tips with Q-Tips Cotton Swabs

2.    After applying your foundation, run a damp q-tip over your brows! Inevitably, when applying foundation or other face makeup you will get some on your brows. This makes them appear lighter and might cause you to go overboard on applying your brow makeup. Thus, if you first clean them off with a q-tip (look at it after- you’ll be surprised to see how much product comes off on it!) you won’t need to use as much makeup to do your brows since their full natural color will be your base to work with. I also run a q-tip over my lips too since sometimes foundation or concealer will get on them too.

3.   When doing eye makeup, I always line the inside of my upper lash line with eyeliner too. Because this isn’t the most common place we think of to line, it often goes overlooked, but I swear this is a major key to looking like you have naturally fuller lashes! Even if you are going for a “no makeup” look, I suggest doing this even if you don’t apply eyeliner anywhere else. You can see below in the left photo I have no eyeliner at all, and in the right photo I lined this area. Notice the difference?!

Eyeliner Trick

4.   For all of you ladies who love using false lashes, this tip is for you! Most lash glues you’ll come across are white in color and claim to dry clear, but that isn’t always completely the case. Well, I’m here to put you on to the Ardell Duo Lash Adhesive Dark Lash Glue ($6)! This one matches the color of your natural lashes as well as the fake lashes, so it will make them blend more seamlessly and you’re less likely to have any visible glue residue!

Ardel DUO Dark Tone Eyelash Adhesive Lash Glue

5.   My last tip is for those of you whose face shade may vary over time due to natural color changes thru the seasons or real or fake tanning. I like to always have a very dark colored foundation that I can mix a few drops of into my regular foundations to accommodate a fresh spray tan so my makeup will match my skin!


Hope you ladies enjoyed these tips! Happy Sunday Funday! 😉 xoxo, Nicole

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