How to Get Free Sh*t!

Hello friends! Today I wanted to answer some of your questions about one way that bloggers and social influencers receive free products. There are tons of different online platforms that connect people of varying social impact levels with brands who’d like to promote and get feedback on their newest products. Below I’ll go thru three of them with you, sharing who they work with, what you can get, and how to join. Enjoy!


Influenster is a website/app that connects social media users like you and me with brands (mostly beauty products.) Below are some of the amazing products I’ve recieved compliments of Influenster. The products are usually from brands like these (both high-end and drugstore priced) that I already know and love! I was definitely excited about the Marc Jacbos eyeliners ($50 total value) and the Hourglass foundation stick & brush ($92 total value)!



Influenster works by assigning you a “Social Impact Score,” based on how many followers/friends you have across all of your social media platforms. You don’t have to be a blogger or have all of the social media accounts, but when you link as many as possible this will get you the highest score. I know most of us at least have a few hundred friends on Facebook, so those are all considered as people you can “influence!”
The way you get chosen to receive product with Influenster is somewhat mysterious, but it seems that the higher Social Impact Score you have, the more product you receive. Also the more you fill out surveys reviewing the products, post about them on your social media, etc. the more products you’ll continue to receive. You can do a ton on Influenster actually including reviewing tons of products and posting questions or answers about products in their comments section. I think overall the more active you are on their website/app, the more favored you are to get more products.
Once you sign up, watch your email because they will send you an important survey to take when you are chosen as a candidate for receiving a product. Based on how you fill out the quiz, they will let you know if you are chosen to be mailed the products.
Click here to Join Influenster & get your own free products!


PinchMe is a site that has a “Sample Day” each month where they give out free samples of all sorts to members. You can sign up here, then take their short survey so they can tell what type of products might be good for you. The samples they give range from food, health, beauty, pet, and baby products, so they really have a little bit of everything! Here are some that I’ve received:
Pinch Me - How to Get Free Products
Pinch Me - How to Get Free Products
The key is to complete the product reviews on their site after trying each product you receive. That keeps you eligible to keep earning samples. Also make sure that you log in at the exact time each Sample Day so that you can choose your samples out of those that are offered to you. Usually you get to choose 5-6 samples but they go quickly so log in exactly at noon!
The next sample day is May 16th at 12pm EST. Click here to Join PinchMe.


So I wanted to include this site in my post for you all although I don’t have any personal experience with it YET! Unfortunately, Octoly is a bit more exclusive and has minimum requirements you must meet in order to join. You need at least 10,000 followers on Instagram OR 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube. And you best believe that once I hit 10k on Instagram (follow me here to help out! 😉 ) I’ll be joining this site! Octoly is very similar to Influenster, however the great thing about it is that YOU get to choose which products you’d like to receive and review for them! Their is a page with product offers and you just sign up for which you’d like to participate in! So, if you qualify go ahead and click here to Join Octoly.

Let me know if you have any questions about signing up or using these sites babes!
xoxo, Nicole

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