The Ordinary Skincare + Foundation Review

The Ordinary Skincare + Foundation Review (by Deciem)
If you haven’t already heard of  The Ordinary (a DECIEM brand company), this is one you definitely should check out! They have high-quality products at amazing prices including skincare, makeup, hair products & more. Click here to check out their site & enjoy my reviews of the products I purchased below:
The Ordinary (by DECIEM) Foundation Review
Coverage Foundation • $6.90
This is the famous foundation that went viral a few months ago for its 15,000-person wait list! This and the fact that it is less than $7 meant I just had to see what all the hype was about! The texture of this foundation is nice. It feels light on the skin, but I would say it gives adequate medium coverage. It is semi-matte so if you have dry skin, it might get patchy on your dry spots. They offer 21 shades although they could definitely use a few more towards the darker side of the spectrum. Personally, I purchased the shade “2.1 Y” which is actually a bit too dark for me, I probably should’ve bought “2.0 YG.” The numbers you see indicate skin tone, so “Y” means skin with yellow undertones, “N” is neutral, “P” is pink undertones, and “YG” is yellow with golden highlights. Overall, this isn’t my favorite foundation but I think it is definitely a great buy, especially if you have normal or oily skin I’d bet you’ll like it even more than I did. Below is a swatch of 2.1 Y:
Natural Moisturizing Factors + Hyaluronic Acid • $5.80
This is a great price moisturizer, and I actually realized now that for less than $2 more you can get over triple the size with the bigger tube they offer. It is a nice, thick moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid is the best ingredient for ensuring hydration to the skin. There is no tacky feeling or anything and no smell either. Very agreeable and does its job!
The Ordinary Skincare + Foundation Review (by Deciem)
Advanced Retinoid 2% • $9.80
I needed a new retinol product, and so far this one is great. I previously used up my Peter Thomas Roth retinol (read my review here!) and was looking for another quality one that would give me the same results. Retinol is the #1 key product to beating the signs of aging! If you’ve never used it before, you should start slowly, using retinol every few days. If your skin reacts well, you can work up to using it daily. I use this one now nightly (you shouldn’t use it in the morning), and I don’t have any irritation 🙂

High-Adherence Silicone Primer • $4.90
I just had to try this at such a great price point. I think it works well, although I can’t attest to how much it helps extend the life of my makeup. The texture itself is interesting because it comes out of the bottle as a white, pretty thick feeling cream but then it rubs into the skin and feels similar to the way the Smashbox Photo Finish primer feels to me.

Spoon • $2.50
I honestly just added this to my cart because I needed to reach the $25 free shipping threshold. I’ve always known these little tools exist to scoop out the rest of the product left in jars or tubes, so it is nice to have one now. My only complaint is that I wish it was longer so that it could reach into taller product packages.

Let me know if you have any other recommendations that I should try from this brand! 😉

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    1. I wonder maybe there is a wait list in UK, but not in North America. I am in the US and it shipped from their New Jersey location pretty quickly after my order was placed online!


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