Quick Update + Non-Haul

Hey babes! So sorry that I’ve been a little MIA. With the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, I’ve been so busy getting back from evacuation and trying to restore life back to normal in the midst of some already pre-planned vacations! You’ll definitely get some good content soon from those 😉
I wanted to do a post on something I’ve been interested in for a while. I saw someone else do a Non-Haul post and thought this was a cool idea! A non-haul is basically a list of items that are popular, but I am just not into at all! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as always, but I just wanted to share 4 currently popular items that I just can’t get on board with personally. Here we go:
Non-Haul: Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation
Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation • $43
I see so many bloggers and friends saying that this is their favorite foundation. I was excited when I got a sample from Sephora, but it is pretty disappointing to me! I don’t find the coverage to be very great and it doesn’t last all that long on my skin either compared to other foundations. This is more expensive than my other holy grail foundations anyways, so I’ll pass on the MUF foundation! 
Non-Haul: Kim Kardashian West Beauty
Kim Kardashian Beauty
(image courtesy of Bustle.com)
I’m not a big fan of celebrity beauty lines. I think that they are marked up a lot just for the celebrity name and that is why people go nuts buying them even though the value is pretty crappy. Kim put out some contour sticks and powders so far, along with the awful looking brush pictured above. First of all, I don’t want half of a beauty blender connected to a stick. The brush side also looks cheap to me, but I’ve never seen it in person. I’m not big on contouring in general, especially with cream so the sticks are definitely not for me. The powders could be good, but why would I bother to stray from my drugstore contour powders that cost less than $10?
Non-Haul: Cage Gladiator Heels
Caged Heels • $34.99
These have been all over Instagram the past couple years and I just can’t get into them. They look super uncomfortable, probably leave awful lines imprinted on your feet, and personally I just don’t think they look that great anyways. What do you think?
Non-Haul: Rockstud Heels (Valentino Dupes)
Rockstud Heels • $69.99
The Valentino Rockstud heels have been hugely popular for the past year or so. These are Jessica Simpson dupes (and there’s plenty more out there), but I just can’t get into these. When I look at them, they aren’t cute to me. Also, personally I have wide feet so I’m never really trying to shove them into a pointy-toed heel!

Do you love any of these items? Leave me a comment below, maybe you can open my mind! 😉

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