I Finally Got Balayage!

Hi loves! I have to admit I’m different than most women in that I don’t dye my hair on the regular. I tried it once in high school and got scared off after the hairdresser gave me the Ginger Spice signature two blonde streaks framing the face (remember that – yikes!) I didn’t dye it again until college where I’d sometimes use box dyes to go from brown to a darker brown/borderline black (I mainly did this also for the amazing glossiness that box dye conditioner bottle gives!) A couple years ago, I did get some highlights done, but I let them fade out and didn’t keep up with it at all. I’ve been wanting to try balayage for a while and finally made a trip to see my girl Katlyn at Femme Akoi salon (in the Tampa/Clearwater area.) You can listen to my Woman Crush Wednesday Interview with Katlyn here & check out the pictures of my hair:

Before (left) / After with Balayage (right):


The final look (it looks super bright because of the ring light!):
Balayage by Katlyn
Balayage by Katlyn
I think I might go lighter in the future, but we wanted to take baby steps since my I basically had virgin hair. What do you guys think!? ❤

Of course, as promised, I’m also announcing the winner of my Halloween giveaway here! After randomizing all of the entries, the winner of the NYX Lippies set & Kat Von D Perfumes is:
Valentina M.
Congratulations, Valentina!
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3 thoughts on “I Finally Got Balayage!

  1. You are rocking the balayage. I’ve been wanting to get it done, but I’m afraid! I’ve actually never dyed my hair at ALL.

    Also, thank you so much for the presents. Can’t wait to try them!! See you Saturday xoxo


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