UpBra Review

This is a sponsored blog post in collaboration with Upbra.comUpBra Push Up Bra ReviewHey babes! Today I have a little lingerie review for you of a new brand I’ve teamed up with – UpBra.com. They make bras designed to give you maximum cleavage and adjustable lift. UpBra sent me two bras to try: the Perfect T-Shirt Bra & the Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Bra, as you can see above and below.
Notice below that each bra has a straps on the bottom center of the inside of the bra that allows you to control exactly how much lift you want. You can attach the straps further from the center to add more cleavage or keep them close together for a more natural lift. You’ll notice the strapless bra also comes with a set of straps which you can optionally use in a number of ways.
UpBra Push Up Bra Review
Now, let me show you some results! Below, you can see a Before/After photo with me wearing a regular bra I already owned, and then me wearing the Upbra
UpBra Push Up Bra Review - Before
UpBra Push Up Bra Review - After
Major difference, right!? Here is another look (left is wearing the regular bra, right is wearing the Upbra)

Thanks to UpBra for letting me try these out! Check out all of their bras & swimwear here!

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