My Makeup Collection Re-Organized!

My Makeup Collection
Happy New Year, guys! This is officially my last post of 2017 🙂
About a month ago, I lucked out by finding this massive plastic makeup drawer organizer in the Target clearance section for $5! Funny story…I was shocked but of course, I’m not going to ask any questions. Well, when I left I saw that it rang up on my receipt as a water purifier, so clearly someone had put the wrong sale tag on it!
Anyways, this new bargain score inspired me to reorganize my makeup once again (you can see how I had it organized prior here.) Take a look at my new system and let me know what you think! I’m linking some featured items throughout the post…
Exact Drawer organizer – $25.99
My top 2 drawers are for concealers & makeup sponges:
My favorites are Tarte Shape Tape & the original Beauty Blender
My Makeup Collection - Concealers & Sponges
My next drawer has setting powders & primers:
Two great drugstore options are the Essence Matt Powder ($4) & Elf Poreless Primer ($6)
My Makeup Collection - Setting Powders & Primers
Drawer 3 has prestige brand foundations:
My two faves are the Urban Decay All Nighter & Estee Lauder Double Wear
My Makeup Collection - Prestige Brand Foundations
Drawer 4 has drugstore/inexpensive foundations:
I’ve loved the L’Oreal Infallibles this year (Pro-Matte if you have oily skin, Pro-Glow for me!)
My Makeup Collection - Drugstore Foundations
Drawer 5 has a mix of tinted moisturizers, extra setting sprays, my Tarte Hybrid Gel Foundation collection, & my Cover FX Custom Drops:
My Makeup Collection - Tarte Foundation, Tinted Moisturizers, Setting Sprays, Cover FX Custom Drops
To the left of this organizer, I keep my setting sprays, brush cleaner, some brushes I rarely use, and all of my most frequently used eyeliners:
My Makeup Collection - Setting Sprays, Brushes, & Eyeliner
I organized my eyeshadow palettes in this handy wooden piece I found in the Target dollar zone a while ago. Another affordable option to use is letter holders!
My Makeup Collection: Eyeshadow Palettes
I stuck this new Real Techniques brush holder on my mirror! There’s also one with 3 pockets here!
My Makeup Collection - Brushes Organizer
The rest of my eye products are all on a shelf here with these adorable panda q-tips!
My Makeup Collection - Eye Products
Mascaras (full size & travel) are organized in a clear holder like this one:
My Makeup Collection - Mascaras
I organized my falsies, unused liners, shadows, & shadow primers in these drawers:
My Makeup Collection - Eye Products
Most of my lipsticks I keep in this amazing rotating lipstick holder:
My Makeup Collection - Lipsticks
Lippies that are too tall to fit go into these glass vases (check the dollar store!):
My Makeup Collection - Lip Products
My bronzers, blushes, & highlighters are separated in this 3-drawer organizer:
My Makeup Collection - Bronzers
My Makeup Collection - Blushes
My Makeup Collection - Highlighters
Hope you enjoyed a closer look at my makeup collection! xoxo, Nicole ❤

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