pHenOH Alkaline Beverage

HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends! I can’t even put into words how grateful I am that 2017 was my first full year of blogging! I’ve learned so much, grown so much, and made some of the sweetest friends from this little blogging community of ours. Thank you for all of your support, all of your follows and likes on social media, and all of your interaction! I love getting to share things with you, and I count you all as friends even if we’ve never actually met! So, here’s to an amazing 2018 with all of you in my life!
pHenOH Alkaline Beverage Review

Now, let’s talk about the “r” word…resolutions. Every year people set them, and every year (usually before January even ends) we’ve broken most of them already! I’m a big goal-setter though and I believe that it’s always good to set goals throughout the year. New Year’s Day always feels like a clean slate to me, so I’ve laid out 3 goals for 2018:
1) Do more face masks (okay okay, this one won’t be very hard! But I really haven’t been doing them as often as I’d like, so I’m setting a goal to do a mask 2-3x a week!)
2) Write in my gratitude journal daily (I got it a year ago and never started using it, but I really want to! You can easily create your own by using any type of notebook to write down one thing at the end of each day that was the “highlight” of your day. This helps us keep a positive outlook, plus it leaves you with a little book of happy memories that you can forever look back on!)
3. Stretch more (This is one of my goals that comes up every New Year, but I always have to reset my intention to take more time to stretch. I’m a former dancer so I used to be super flexible! I still workout almost daily, but I often don’t take enough time to stretch before or after a workout, so this needs to change!)
pHenOH Alkaline Beverage Review
Leave me a comment below sharing your goals for 2018! If any of your goals have to do with health and fitness, I’m bringing you this post (sponsored by Phenoh) to share a new alkaline beverage I had the privilege of trying to enhance my workouts and overall health!
pHenOH Alkaline Beverage Review
PHenOH is an plant-based alkaline hydration drink that is designed to support the body’s essential pH balance. Our bodies perform at their best in a critical acid/base balance of pH 7.4. PHenOH is preservative-free, non-acidic, paleo-friendly, and contains no high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients. In fact, it is made with only 7 ingredients: reverse osmosis filtered water, organic agave nectar, dipotassium phosphate, organic fruit flavors, ascorbic acid, organic aloe vera inner leaf powder, and magnesium chloride. You can buy a 12-pack of either all Green Melon, all Tropical Fruit, or combo pack of Green Melon, Tropical Fruit, & Mixed Berry. I tried the green melon and it is pretty yummy! Tastes sort of like honeydew, which I love 🙂
pHenOH Alkaline Beverage Review
I like to drink mine after my workouts. I usually run outside 5 days/week (benefits of living in Florida 😉 ), so I bring my pHenOH with me for after my run! It’s very refreshing (I like it best chilled), especially on a hot day (it’s still in the 70’s here in Miami!)
pHenOH Alkaline Beverage Review
You can also just drink it anytime throughout the day, not just when you’re working out to ensure that you’re drinking something good for you as opposed to my Coke Zero obsession that I need to kick! Lately I’ve been reaching for healthy drinks like pHenOH instead! Let’s see how long I can keep it up 😉
So this is my secret for kicking off 2018 in a healthy way! What will you be doing to better yourself for 2018?! Let me know & click here to learn more about pHenOH!

2 thoughts on “pHenOH Alkaline Beverage

  1. You look so pretty here!!! My goal is to start working out and hopefully ease into crossfit. I eat too much ice cream and I am afraid it will take its tol. LOL.


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