Top 10 Posts of 2017

Hey babes! I know January is coming to an end, but I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Alyson Haley, to do a round-up post sharing the 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts on in 2017! These help give me a good idea of what you like to read from me the most. Please leave me a comment letting me know any suggestions you have of more blog posts you want to see in 2018! Here are the top viewed posts in 2017:

1. Makeup Series: Concealers Review
Top 10 Posts of 2017: Makeup Series: Concealers Review
This was a post from 2016 actually, but it was the most viewed post last year still! Does this mean concealers are the hardest thing to shop for or that people are interested in reviews about them the most? Hmm…leave me your thoughts in a comment!

2. ShopMissA $1 Makeup Review
Top 10 Posts of 2017: ShopMissA $1 Makeup Review
This is another 2016 post that was still view the second most in 2017! I think a lot of people get excited to find out there is a $1 site, but probably are skeptical so they like to read a review first. Check out this post to see how I liked all of these $1 items!

3. Skincare Brand Review: Drunk Elephant
Brand Review: Drunk Elephant Skincare
This is one of my favorite skincare brands. It has become very popular, and I included a 20% off coupon in this post so I’m sure it was helpful to many. Check it out, the promo still works! 🙂

4. My Microblading Experience Review
Top 10 Posts of 2017: Microblading 3D Hairstrokes Semi Permanent Makeup Tattoo Review
This was a fun post. I loved sharing my microblading experience with you all. It is a year later now and I still am so happy I did it! I think I’ll go for a touch up towards the end of 2018 too.

5. “Buy This, Not That!” – Embellished Pom Pom Wedges & Sandals
Top 10 Posts of 2017: "Buy This, Not That!" - Embellished Pom Pom Wedges & Sandals
This post was really popular! I’m not sure if you really love this shoe design in particular or you just love these “Buy This, Not That” posts where I share affordable versions of popular pricey items. Do you guys want to see more of these?? Leave me a comment below!

6. Forever21 ‘Pretty by Rory’ Bridesmaid Line Review
Top 10 Posts of 2017: Forever21 'Pretty by Rory' Bridesmaid Line Review
This was a great line launched by Forever21 this year of bridesmaid dress options starting at just $68. I think a lot of brides and bridesmaids were excited to hear that! And now, they’re actually ON SALE starting at just $34 here!

7. Woman Crush Wednesday: Interview with Nancy Assia
Top 10 Posts of 2017: Woman Crush Wednesday: Interview with Nancy Assia
Over the summer, I did my Woman Crush Wednesday series (see them all here!) of audio interviews with women all across the beauty and fashion industries. This was the most listened to interview with my friend who owns an online boutique, Heiress[blank].

8. ColourPop No Filter Concealer Review
Top 10 Posts of 2017: ColourPop No Filter Concealer Review
This was the biggest ColourPop launch this year and for a good reason – they’re great concealers for ONLY $6 EACH! Definitely check this post out if you’re looking for an affordable concealer option.

9. Tarte Favorites
Top 10 Posts of 2017: Tarte Favorites
This is a post from 2016 that I updated with more products in 2017. To be honest, there’s been so many launches since that I should probably do a whole new “Tarte Favorites” post now. Would you guys like to see that on the blog this year?

10. The Bachelor/Bachelorette Casting Process
Top 10 Posts of 2017: The Bachelor/Bachelorette Casting Process
I did a good amount of Bachelor/Bachelorette content last year, but this post was most popular. I think you guys were curious to see the process of how people get cast onto the show! Do you want to see more Bachelor Nation content from me this year?

Thank you for your continued support this year! I can’t wait to bring you more amazing posts in 2018! xoxo, Nicole ❤


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