Family Circle’s 2018 Beauty Trends to Try

Hey babes! The other day I read this article in Family Circle outlining some of 2018’s top beauty trends and I thought I’d share them along with giving you my take:

1. Double Cleansing
This is when you first use an oil cleanser to wash away the surface level makeup/junk, then follow that with a foaming cleanser to do a deeper clean. I don’t really do this often, but I think I will try incorporating it into my routine and see if I notice any difference! I also think this could be done with an initial micellar water cleanse, then a deeper cleanse with a face wash or exfoliator.
Family Circle's 2018 Beauty Trends to Try: Masks
2. Masks for Everything

I am alllll for masks of any kind! Some might call it an obsession 😉 The article particularly mentions sheet masks, seaweed masks, and bubble masks, and how there are now masks for every skin concern possible. I couldn’t agree more and I suggest everyone to step up their mask game! I love sheet masks. Also, I use charcoal masks often to detox my pores. Some of my favorite mask brands are GlamGlow, Mario Badescu, & YesTo.
 Family Circle's 2018 Beauty Trends to Try: Acne Dots
3. Acne Spot Dots
These are little translucent stickers filled with salicylic acid that treat acne better than a spot cream because they only cover the actual pimple, thus giving the skin minimal irritation and dryness. Aside from my Mario Badescu drying lotion, these are my second favorite acne treatment! They are great for when you’re going out in public and want to secretly treat acne without having a visible zit cream on your face 😉 My favorites are the Peter Thomas Roth Acne-Clear Dots and the Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots.
Family Circle's 2018 Beauty Trends to Try: Cushion Makeup
4. Cushion Makeup
This packaging style is becoming popular for all kinds of makeup including foundation, blush, concealers, highlighters, and more. Although I have not actually tried a cushion makeup, I’ve been wanting to try a cushion foundation! The article mentions that this format gives you a light, buildable coverage which actually is not so desirable to me. I think if I see one one sale, I’ll give it a try, but I’m in no rush.
Family Circle's 2018 Beauty Trends to Try: Transitional Textures
5. Transitional Textures
This trend is all about multitextured formula products that start as one type (like a gel or balm), then transform to another (like cream or oil.) I do find these kind of fun, but I’m not sure if they’re necessarily any better than other formulas. In particular, H&M makes an amazing shower oil that I love because it dispenses as a luxurious oil, but then lathers up great just like a normal body wash.

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