Laneige Skincare Review

Laneige Skincare Review
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know how in love I fell with Laneige recently! I’ve been teasing this review post for a bit now and it’s finally here! Laneige is a Korean skincare brand and as you probably know, K-Beauty is all the rage right now. In case you were wondering, I found it interesting that “Laneige” translates “la neige” in French to “the snow.” 🙂
Check out my thoughts on all the Lanegie products I’ve tried so far and click here to get a special deluxe sample with your order when you shop thru my link.
Laneige Skincare Review: Lip Sleeping Mask
Lip Sleeping Mask ($20) 
This leave-on lip mask is the product that first caught my eye from Laneige. I’m always on the lookout for something to keep my lips nice and moisturized, and this does not disappoint! I apply the balm to my lips before bed and allow it to really restore the hydration overnight. It has a yummy berry flavor and is thick, but not in an annoying way. It’s totally comfortable to wear long term, day or night!
Laneige Skincare Review: Water Bank Moisture Cream
Water Bank Moisture Cream ($35) – After trying a sample of this rich moisturizer, I began to realize that this brand might just be one of my new faves. The cream feels so rich and hydrating and quite possibly might be my very favorite night cream now! After loving both the lip mask and moisturizer so much, I began to wonder what else I might love from Laneige…so, I placed an order for a variety of items (and samples) in my February shopping including this Hydration Kit:
Laneige Skincare Review: Hydration Kit featuring Water Sleeping Mask, Water Bank Moisture Cream, Water Bank Toner, and Water Bank Essence
Essential Power Skin Toner ($28) 
The site describes this toner as a “purifying and softening refiner, for normal to dry skin types” (which is, in fact, my skin type.) It is designed to replenish moisture and compliment the other products in this Laneige line. The interesting thing to me was that this toner is really a gel texture as opposed to all of the other toners I’ve used which are straight liquid, astringent types. You use this toner (and all toners for that matter) after cleansing your face and before using the eseence described next…

Water Bank Essence ($36) An essence is another preparation product you use before your main skincare treatment, and is usually very concentrated and hydrating. This Laneige essence contains essential minerals for “smoother, rehydrated skin.” After using toner, you gently spread the essence from center of the face outward, press palms into face for better absorption. I like this added step and the moisturizing, light cream texture 🙂

Water Sleeping Mask ($25) – This “overnight, moisture-recharging gel mask” is like a thicker version of the Water Bank Moisture Cream. It supposedly absorbs while you sleep and should be rinsed off with water in the morning. I’ve got to say that when I woke up I didn’t really have any residue left that needed to be rinsed off. I also didn’t really notice a significant difference compared to how my skin normally looks after using a quality night cream. I’m not convinced that it really provides any extra hydration you couldn’t get from just applying a thick layer of your regular night cream, so I think this one isn’t a must-buy.
Laneige Skincare Review: Mini Pore Waterclay Mask, Time Freeze Sleeping Mask, & Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil
Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil ($36)  This is an oil that you massage onto your dry skin for 30 seconds, add water and massage for another 30 seconds (during which it will later up), then rinse off with water. It did a great job removing my makeup and leaving me with clean, bright skin. A big trend now is double-cleansing where you use an oil-based cleanser like this one, followed by a regular foaming type cleanser. I think that is a good idea, however if you do a good job with this it should get you clean enough to move onto the next step (toner.)

Time Freeze Sleeping Mask ($39) – This is another overnight mask, “enriched with peptide water, for a fuller, plumped appearance.” I can’t say that I noticed a big difference with this one either. I think the overnight masks are a cool concept, but not a completely necessary extra product that you really need to buy. I’d say just make sure you apply a good layer of night cream and you’ll be fine without an overnight mask.

Mini Pore Waterclay Mask ($25) – This is a normal mask that you apply for 10-15 minutes and then wash off. It is a “clarifying gel-clay mask, crafted from mineral mud and mint water, that removes pore-clogging oil and impurities.” To me, it is pretty similar to the Glamglow products and I like it! This was my favorite of the 3 masks 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Laneige products! Here’s some last minute tricks to get the most value when you order (so many extras! 🙂 ):

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