If I Lost My Makeup…

Happy Monday, y’all! I was recently watching one of Emily Noel’s YouTube Videos about an interesting concept…in the video she talked about the 10 things she’d buy first if all of her makeup was stolen and she had to start all over. I love this and thought it was such a fun, insightful idea. So, I wanted to share with you the 10 things I’d buy if I had to start my makeup collection all over:
If I Lost My Makeup...I'd Buy These 10 Products to Restart

  1.  Tarte Shape Tape Concealer – this is hands down my favorite concealer, so there was no question here which I’d buy if I lost my concealers!
  2.  Loreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara – this is my favorite mascara of all time as you probably already know, so this was a no-brainer as well!
  3.  It Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner – this is my tried and true no-fail eyeliner, so although I love others, this is probably my most reliable. I apply it to my upper and lower lash lines and it never smudges or smears down onto the skin under my eyes
  4.  Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray – this is my favorite setting spray and I think it really does help makeup to look better and last longer than any other setting spray I’ve tried
  5.  Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops – I just love this liquid highlighter and would have to buy it right away! I love the color ‘Moonlight.’
  6.  It Cosmetics Confidence In Your Glow – I chose this product because a) it gives me a bronzer, blush, and powder highlight all in one and b) they’re all really great formulas. I got the ‘Warm Glow’ option
  7.  Maybelline TattooStudio Waterproof Eyebrow Gel – I am so hooked on this brow color that lasts up to 2 days and doesn’t smudge when wet! It seriously is a miracle; it’s basically temporary 2-day permanent makeup 😉
  8. NARS Radiant Longwear Foundation – I had a hard time choosing a foundation since I don’t have one distinct favorite and have been loving a bunch lately. I think my favorite is a naturally radiant finish, so for that reason I’m going to go with the NARS Radiant Longwear foundation that I’ve been loving for the past few months!
  9.  Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder – I also had a hard time choosing a setting powder because I rotate between a bunch of these as well and find quite a few of them to be generally adequate. Ultimately, I chose this one because it’s a tried and true, reliable classic!
  10.  Wet n Wild MegaSlim Skinny Tip Eyeliner – I do love a bunch of different liquid liners, but I chose this one because I bought it one time when I forgot to pack a liquid liner and I was very shocked at how great it is, especially for such an affordable brand

What 10 products would you purchase!? Leave me a comment below!

7 thoughts on “If I Lost My Makeup…

  1. Nice post ❤ I cant imagine if I lost mine. Probably my foundation Lancome teint idole and 2000 cal maxfactor mascara


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