e.l.f. Haul & Review

Elf Haul & Review
Hey, loves – I hope everyone had a great long weekend! I wanted to share my thoughts on the latest items I’ve purchased from e.l.f. cosmeticsa super affordable beauty brandCLICK HERE to get $5 off your e.l.f. cosmetics order & also, click here to read reviews of some of my other all-time faves form e.l.f.
Elf Haul & Review
Lip Exfoliator ($3) – I go through these monthly! The cap pops off like a lipstick, but then the lipstick portion is actually made of tiny granules and oil to exfoliate your lips as you buff it across them in a circular manner. This time I got one Brown Sugar (the most intense exfoliator) and one is Rose, but they offer a few different nice flavors which are all great. All of the flavors (besides the brown sugar) have a pop-off bottom as you can see in the photo above that has a little bit of lip balm inside for after you exfoliate!
Elf Haul & Review: Facial Massager
Facial Massager ($4)I’ve seen tools like this a lot over the past year and always wondered if they really do anything. I use this on my face to massage in serums, oils, or moisturizers and I do like the feeling. It makes me believe that maybe it is helping to stimulate collagen or cell turnover by massaging, but I don’t really know if that’s just in my head!
Elf Haul & Review: Post-Workout Tone Up Pads
Post-Workout Tone Up Pads ($2) I was intrigued by these, especially getting 24 pads for only $2. I usually run at a local park 5 days/week and wipe off my face with a wipe right after the run. I thought these might be another good step to use right after the wipe so that my skin is taken care of on the drive home before I can do a full clean. I do enjoy these pads for the ingredients and feeling they give the skin, but the major issue is the size of them. In the photo above, you can see how small they are compared to a typical lipstick tube. I can only get about half my face done with one pad, and these are so small they’re actually pretty difficult to swipe around the face. I’d say these aren’t a must-have.
e.l.f. Haul & Review
Eyelash Curler ($2)I’ve been wanting to buy a lash curler to just leave in my travel makeup bag and at this price, I had to give it a try. Some lash curlers don’t work that well, but this one actually does a nice job – I’m impressed!
Prime & Stay Finishing Powder ($2) I got this in the ‘Sheer’ shade but they also offer ‘Light/Medium’, ‘Medium/Dark’, and ‘Dark/Deep’. I’ve been using it to set my concealer in the under-eye and T-zone area and it’s doing a great job.
Daily Brush Cleaner ($5 for the large bottle) – I use this daily to clean each makeup brush I use. I spray it on the brush after I’m done using it and wipe it off on a tissue. (Then, I do a deep clean with an actual beauty blender cleanser once every week or so.)

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2 thoughts on “e.l.f. Haul & Review

  1. I loved reading this!!! That face tool intrigues me sooo much because I use serums and oils. Also have wanted to try those lip exfoliators!!! Does the brush cleaner work well?


    1. Thanks babe! The lip exfoliators are a must-have! I love the brush cleaner for daily use right after I use each brush. Then, I deep clean the brushes every week or 2 to really get all the product out!

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