ShopMissA $1 Beauty Haul

ShopMissA $1 Beauty Haul
Happy everyone!
Have you heard of ShopMissA before? It’s basically an online beauty dollar store – almost everything is ONLY $1! I actually made my first purchase from them back in 2016 and wrote this post reviewing them all! I just ordered more this month and wanted to share my newest reviews with you too!
A couple notes: Flat rate shipping is only $3.95. Also note that because of the low pricing, many items are often listed as ‘Sold Out’ but keep checking back because they will come back eventually 🙂 Find out which items I recommend and which you should steer clear of. Here is everything I bought, EVERYTHING WAS $1:

F19: Highlighter Brush – this brush was recommended by Emily Noel on YouTube for highlighter and it’s definitely great for applying a cheeck or nose highlight
ShopMissA $1 Beauty Haul
Spectrum Highlighter – Rose Quartz Blush
These reminded me of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks which cost $48 each! The colors are gorgeous (see swatches below on the left), but they are very different blush colors so either swirl them all together or try to keep your brush in one specific stripe. All of these blush colors contain shimmer.
ShopMissA Spectrum Highlighter Blush and Bronzers
Spectrum Highlighter – Stardust Bronzer
 – These are similar to the blush, all shimmer and I think some shades are even more of a highlighter than a dark bronze color, so I try to keep my brush in specific stripes. The swatches from this one are above on the right side.
ShopMissA $1 Beauty Haul - False Lashes
I’ve been on the hunt for some new false lashes as I don’t have a go-to pair that I know I’ll always love how they look. I picked up the DW Eyelashes, Keira Eyelashes,Natalia Eyelashes and I’ll let you know how they are after trying (on my Instagram)! The DW were recommended by Emily Noel and the Keira look very natural to me.ShopMissA $1 Beauty Haul
“Travel” Canvas Pouch – I’ve bought canvas makeup bags from them before and they’re great! I thought this would be so cute for keeping in my carry-on plane bag to put my charger, headphones, and the “essentials” 🙂
Wonder Blender Holder
 –  I wanted this for putting my newly cleaned beauty blenders in to dry!
2 Piece Denim Star Print ScrunchiesI’m obsessed with scrunchies lately! I can put my hair up in a ponytail and it won’t crease finally!
Pure Cotton Rounds
I use these daily with my micellar water and toner, so I thought I’d try this brand out at such a low price.



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