Ulta Brand Makeup Review

Hey babes! My future mother in law got me this cute kit from Ulta that had a bunch of their Ulta Beauty brand makeup products inside. I’ve never tried much from their line, so I asked on Instagram Stories if you’d like to see a review. You all voted yes, so here we go!
Right now, all Ulta Beauty brand products are Buy 2, Get 2 Free.
The first two things in the kit were the Poreless Face Primer and the Tinted Eye Primer. I’d tried the eye primer already and it’s pretty standard. I can’t lie, I don’t really use eye primers that often because I don’t really do eyeshadow but maybe a handful of times per year! The face primer I can definitely tell you is a no-go. The first few times I used it, I would say it looked just like the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer although it felt a bit less thick. After the first few times though, this primer started coming out super runny almost liquid-like and for that reason – I’m out! (Sharktank jokes 😉 )
Ulta Brand Makeup Review - Bronzer, Blush, Highlighter
Four things that I really loved from the kit are the two Blushes (one matte, one shimmer), the Matte Bronzer, and the Gold Illuminator. These are all pretty nice and I’m going to continue using them on the daily 🙂 Check out the swatches below:
Ulta Brand Makeup Review
The biggest item in the kit was the Eyeshadow Palette you see here. Unfortunately this isn’t for sale on its own, but I still wanted to review it to give you an overall idea of how I like Ulta’s formula of eyeshadows.
Ulta Brand Makeup Review - Eyeshadow Palette
These eyeshadows all look pretty nice in the pallette, but below you can see from the swatches that some of the matte shades are a little lacking. I think my favorite shades are the two copper-ish colors in the middle row.
Ulta Brand Makeup Review - Eyeshadow Palette
Another item that was pretty standard is the double-ended Lip Liner Pencil. My other favorite product from the kit is the double-ended Eyeliner. I love that one end has black which I use in my waterline and the other side has a bronze shade which I can use under my lower lashline. The two Shiny Sheer Lipglosses are both pretty decent, but to be honest I probably wouldn’t ever use the Matte Metallic Liquid Lipsticks even though you can see in the swatches below that they’re pretty pigmented:
Ulta Brand Makeup Review - Eyeliners, Lip Lipers, & Lip GlossesHope you guys enjoyed this review of Ulta Beauty Makeup! xo, Nicole

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