TOTALEE Haircare

This post is sponsored by TOTALEE, who I am excited to review for you today!
Hey, yall! I was introduced to a new brand, TOTALEE, that combines the power of Essential Oxygenated Oils (EOOs) and superfoods to create hair products designed to leave ALL HAIR TYPES healthy, shiny, smooth, and revitalized. Obviously as a new blonde, my first concern was if TOTALEE is safe for color treated hair and it passes the test! TOTALEE is cruelty-free and does not contain any SLS, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, artificial fragrances, silicones, or alcohol.
Created by a celebrity hairstylist, the TOTALEE collection consists of 5 products that are supposed to work for every type of hair:
TotaLee Haircare Review - Wash Shampoo
WASH is a color-safe cleansing shampoo for continuous body and shine.” I can’t quite pinpoint the smell, but it smells really good!
TotaLee Haircare Review - Rins Conditioner
RINS is a luxurious conditioner for hydration and volume.” This smells lovely just like the WASH.
TotaLee Haircare Review - Work Cream Elixir
WORK is a cream elixir that will visibly improve your hair.”
TotaLee Haircare Review - Mist Volumizing Leave-In
MIST is a leave-in volumizing spray that amplifies texture and shine.”
TotaLee Haircare Review - Glow Shine Mist
GLOW is a silicon-free leave-in spray for brilliant and luminous shine.”
TotaLee Haircare ReviewYou can try the entire collection pictured here for ONLY $29.99 + Free Shipping now here!

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