e.l.f. Haul & Review #2

e.l.f. Cosmetics Haul & Review
Hey, loves! I actually won an e.l.f. Instagram contest for a $25 gift card, so when they had their 50% off Labor Day sale on the e.l.f. cosmetics website, I made a big purchase! You can CLICK HERE to get $5 off your e.l.f. cosmetics order & also, click here to read reviews from my past e.l.f. hauls.
e.l.f. Cosmetics HD Lifting Concealer Review
HD Lifting Concealer ($3) – I’m actually pleasantly surprised with the formula, finish, and coverage of this concealer. It gives a super natural, radiant finish and you can’t even tell I have makeup on. My only gripes are that 1) the wand is lipgloss sized so you have to keep dipping back in to apply more and 2) they only have three shades (Fair, Light, & Medium.) I actually got Fair and it is the perfect match for my face to cover zits or dark spots with. However, I actually have a pretty tanned face so there is really nothing that would work for anyone less tan than me and also there isn’t a shade for me to use under the eyes as a brightener. I hope maybe one day they’ll expand the shades!
Bronzer Palette ($6) – There are two options: ‘Bronzed Beauty’ and ‘Deep Bronzer’ (which I chose.) There are 2 matte bronzers & 2 shimmery shades. I tried the mattes this morning (one is warmer, one is cooler) and they worked well.
Baked Blush ($4) – I got the shade ‘Peachy Cheeky’ because it looks so beautiful and swatches I google’d looked nice too. I applied it this morning and honestly it barely shows up! Maybe this shade is better for someone with a fairer skin color, but it didn’t really show up on me and I even tried to apply more than twice the normal amount that I do.
Eye Widener ($1) – I got this to apply to the lower waterline, as that is great for making the eyes look bigger and helping brighten them if you’re looking tired. However, this pencil just sucks. It doesn’t adhere well at all.
Mask Off Sponges ($2) – These small discs you wet and then they expand into sponges (see below) to wipe off your face masks. You can rinse them out and reuse them too. I used one to wipe off a mask last night and I really loved how easy it was to wipe off the mask! Definitely will be using these on the reg.
e.l.f. Cosmetics Mask Off Sponges ($2)
Winged & Polished Luxe Lash Kit ($4) – I’ve been on the hunt for a favorite false lash strip and so far nothing is “perfect” to me (maybe I’ll just never be happy since Lash Extensions are the holy grail!) These look very natural and pretty, but I haven’t tried them on just yet. Check my IG Story for when I do, I’ll review them there!
No Budge Shadow Stick ($4) – I got the shade ‘Bronzed Metal’ and it’s really pretty. You can use it to apply all over the lid, blend with other eyeshadows for a complete look, or use it on the lower lash line.
Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil ($4) – I got the shade ‘Coffee’ and it’s pretty nice. It adhered easily to my waterlines and hasn’t smudged yet. Not as pigmented as my favorite It Cosmetics eyeliner, but definitely a nice cheaper option for everyday when makeup doesn’t need to be fully on-point.
High Definition Undereye Powder ($3) – I used this today and it’s nice. However, the packaging is strange. First of all, it is so little, I could barely get my brush into the cap to get some powder on it. Secondly, it came with the smallest little baby brush which I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with. It definitely would never apply powder, I think maybe you could use it for applying brow powder or something like that!
Flawless Face Brush ($6) – I like this one! It’s nice to apply powder, bronzer, or blush. I used it today to apply the HD Undereye Powder and Bronzer Palette mentioned above.
Sculpting Concealer Brush ($3) – I’ve been looking for a good brush to apply concealer under the eyes as my old fave just isn’t satisfying me these days and sometimes I don’t want to go thru the hassle of wetting a beauty blender. This is NOT the solution! It looked like it might be promising, but it is far too small, I’m not sure what I’ll even do with it. I tried to use it to apply the concealer but it’s so small it would take me probably 5 minutes to be able to properly blend it in.
Selfie Ready Foundation Brush ($6) – I like this one too! I used it to apply foundation today and it’s a nice brush for this. Also might be able to apply concealer under the eyes with this too.
Small Stipple Brush ($3) – If you need a stipple brush, this is a great option. I used it to blend in the concealer since the small “concealer brush” I mentioned above clearly couldn’t do the job! You cold also use the for a cream contour or probably foundation too.

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e.l.f. Cosmetics Haul & Review

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