Beauty Devices Review + GIVEAWAY

Beauty Devices Review: PMD Microderm, Clarisonic Cleansing Brush, Holistic Beauties BFF Cleanser, Dermaflash Dermaplaning, NuFace Facial Toning
Hey loves! I hope you’re all having an amazing week 🙂 I did a poll on my Instagram and you guys said you wanted to see a review of all the beauty devices I own, so here it is! And the first device (below) comes with a GIVEAWAY, so get excited!
Beauty Devices Review: Holistic Beauties BFF Cleansing Devide
Holistic Beauties BFF (40% OFF HERE!)
The BFF is a cleansing device that claims to help you achieve clearer and smoother skin in 2 weeks. Made of top medical grade silicone, the BFF is unique because it doesn’t hold onto bacteria, is portable, waterproof, and easy to grip. The device has three different bristle textures, 15 adjustable intensities, and is suitable for all skin types. As you apply cleanser and massage it into your face with the device, it releases blackheads, clogged pores, dirt, and oil better than other cleansing methods. The pulsations also increase blood flow to the face allowing breakouts to heal faster and skin to become tighter. Click here to enter my GIVEAWAY where one winner gets a free BFF & the first 300 entries get a FREE Scrubby Buddy!
Dermaflash Facial Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal • $189
The Dermaflash is an at-home dermaplaning device. You’ve probably heard of dermaplaning by now as it’s been a huge trend this year! Basically it is a facial shaving method that simultaneously removes facial hair and exfoliates the surface of the skin. Dermaplaning leaves your skin so smooth and fuzz-free that makeup looks MUCH better on the smooth, even skin surface! I’ve never gotten dermaplaning done professionally, so I cannot compare it to that. I think they may technically be able to use sharper razors at a spa than this device contains, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t achieve the same results. I’ve always been a huge fan of facial shaving even before it was officially coined with the term “dermaplaning.” I used to use the Tinkle Razors and they work great too. The advantage of the DermaFlash is that it vibrates (there are 2 different speeds) so you can compare it to using an electric razor vs. a basic stick razor on other parts of your body that you shave. I use it once a week or so.
Beauty Devices Review: Nuface Mini Facial Toning Device
Nuface Mini Facial Toning Device • $199
The Nuface is a microcurrent facial toning device providing a “non-invasive anti-aging solution perfect for travel and those looking for that first step into microcurrent treatments.” It is FDA-cleared for facial stimulation and claims to improve your skin’s appearance similarly to a 5-minute facial-lift. You apply the Gel Primer it comes with, and then glide it across your skin in outwards motions (think Ultrasound vibes!) The Nuface aims to contour and tone the face for visible and long-lasting results with continued use. Scientifically, Nuface says that “as we age, our body’s natural current begins to slow down leading to sagging skin, loss of contour & wrinkles. Microcurrent mimics this natural current and goes beyond skin deep to tone facial muscles while improving contour, skin tone & reduction of fine lines & wrinkles.” I do think it can give you noticeable results if you are diligent to use it consistently each day. However, I don’t think this will be working any major miracles like an actual facelift!
Beauty Devices Review: PMD Personal Microdermabrasion Hand and Body Kit
PMD Personal Microderm Hand and Body Kit • $159
PMD stands for Personal MicroDermabrasion, a technique using a minimally abrasive device (such as the PMD) to gently sand the skin and remove the thick, uneven top layer. In a sense, it is another form of exfoliating to help minimize sun spots, scarring, clogged pores, etc. while also increasing cell turnover. I use the PMD once a week, and it seriously takes only a minute! The tip has a slight suction-type effect, and you simply run it over your face in line motions, aiming outwards. It does take your skin some getting used to, and there are multiple sensitivity levels of discs that you can work your way through to find the perfect fit for your skin type.
Beauty Devices Review: Clarisonic Mia Cleansing Device
Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System • $99
And lastly, I’m sure you’re all very familiar with the Clarisonic cleansing brush by now. It’s been on the market for years and was one of the first cleansing devices to since be cloned about a hundred times! The one I have is the first version with a simple one-speed button to help apply and massage in your cleanser when washing your face. I keep it in the shower and use it about once a week to wash my face when I want a deep scrub/exfoliation. I like that they have different heads for different purposes/skin types. The one I have on there now is for anti-acne.

One thought on “Beauty Devices Review + GIVEAWAY

  1. I just got the Dermaflash myself. My skin definitely felt smoother, but didn’t get my pesky facial hairs like I thought it would. I wonder if after a few more treatments I’ll see a difference, or if the hair is just to coarse. 😦


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