Modern Gents Affordable Rings

ModGents Affordable Rings - Evermore Engagement Ring + Inferno Wedding Band
Hey, friends! Happy #WeddingWednesday 🙂
Today I have a fun post sharing some SUPER affordable ring alternatives plus an AMAZING PROMO CODE!
The rings you see here were sent to us by Modern Gents, a website that sells high quality, affordable wedding and engagement rings. Their men’s rings range from stainless steel to tungsten while the ladies rings are made of 925 sterling silver with high grade man made diamond stimulants (AAA grade cubic zirconia) stones that look and shine like a perfect diamond! They won’t rust or turn your finger green and even come with a warranty.
If you’re not into fancy rings, you could totally use these as your actual wedding rings OR you could do what I’m planning and wearing the Modern Gents rings when you travel or are in a situation where you don’t want to have something so valuable on your person.
Now let’s get to the DEALS! My ring set (engagement ring + wedding band) is The Evermore – $64.95 and is also available in Rose Gold. Jimmy’s ring is The Inferno – $39.95. All of the Modern Gents rings SHIP FREE within the US + their ENTIRE SITE IS BOGO 50% OFF!
ON TOP OF THAT, use promo code BEAUTY25 and get an ADDITIONAL 25% OFF a purchase of $25 or more!
With all these discounts combined, you can get both of our rings pictured here for UNDER $79!
ModGents Affordable Rings - Ritz Diamond Stud Earrings
Last, I wanted to share this cute pair of earrings that they also sent me. These are The Ritz – $29.95 and they also have a halo style pair that would match my ring exactly! My promo code (BEAUTY25) works on these too 😉
ModGents Affordable Rings - Ritz Diamond Stud Earrings

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